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Did you have any concerns about buying an American Bully?

This will be the third bull breed I have owned, both being amazing family pets. So no, the American bully has been bread to be a loyal companion pet, eager to please its family. 

Does Pedigree Matter?

For us as a family, it absolutely did; when buying a puppy, not just an American Bully, most people decide based on the breed standard; if you don’t have papers, you can’t confidently identify the exact breed.

Why did you buy the American Pocket Bully?
Simply put, size; I originally wanted an XL but felt it would be too big, the pocket seemed like a better fit for my family.

What Advice Would You Give Someone Buying a Dog?

Do your research on the breed, do not rush into anything and find a breeder that has time to send you regular updates provide advice and video call if and when required

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