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Welcome to my pocket, bullies. This is an outlet to share our journey and experience of buying and raising an American Pocket Bully. I thought it would be a fun and useful resource for pet lovers and owners alike.

A one-stop shop where you can follow our family journey with one of these beautiful and interesting breeds. If that sounds like your type of thing then strap up and enjoy the ride!

Meet Our Little Girl Keito

Meet Keiko, the star of the show! 🐾 🐾 She’s a Lilac Tri American Pocket Bully; one of a litter of six, three girls and three boys.

From that litter, we have Keiko, who was originally called Veurve. Polly Pocket, a Champagne Tri who was the smallest of the litter and the pup that originally caught our eye (Check out the post finding Keiko for more on that) The final of the 3 females is Pearl a Chocolate, Tri Merle.

For the Boys, there’s Hank the Tank, another beautiful Chocolate Tri Merle and what a character, then there is Two-Faced a Chocolate Tri and finally Bleu De Chanel, a Lilac Tri, and this boy is almost identical to Keiko and what a boisterous lump of joy he is. 

We are super excited to share this wonderful journey with you. We’ll share tips, lessons learnt, and information that has helped us to help others or provide interesting reading. Head over to the stories section, which is where you will find all of our blog posts; However, some will be more like journal entries as, for the most part, that is what this is, it’s our own little online journal that we can share with Love 💝 for all who care to read.

We are by no means experts or a leading authority on dogs. We are doggy lovers who care to share. Head over to the contacts section of the blog if you have any questions, advice and ideas to share. Please be mindful that this is a loving and respectful space, so if that isn’t the energy you come with, then please hit the search bar and find a site more suited to you and your expectations 😜

We’d love to hear about you and your dogs. Are you bull breed lovers like ourselves? My love for bully breeds started when I was a child; there was something about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Its personality build and all-around temperament just sucked me in, and I have been a fan of the bully breed every since.

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Getting To Know The Breeder

The type of breeder you purchase a puppy from is vitally important. Ideally, as a family, we wanted a puppy from a loving and caring environment. That rang true before we met the family that we purchased Keiko from.

Keiko’s first Cuddle from Mummy

It’s safe to say that at this exact point purchasing Keiko was a done deal. Mummy knew exactly what she was looking for and much of that came from physical contact. 

It’s a Family Affair

We really wanted to include the kids in the decision. This would allow time to prepare them for the responsibility of owning a puppy, we also wanted to make Keiko’s transition to her new family and home as pleasant as possible.

About Keiko

Keiko was born on Sunday, the 27th of June, 2021. Her Doggy/K9 parents are Blake and Boss, both are ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) registered. Blake (mummy) is a taller and leaner example of the breed, whilst Boss (daddy) is short and Thickset. In addition, Boss carries the Merle Gene that many of Keiko’s siblings exhibit.

It’s hard work meeting your new family.

We love this photo of Keiko ❤️. This is her zonked after meeting her new family. Chris and Melissa (The breeders) were fantastic at sending us regular pup-dates, which enabled us to see her personality shine!

Every time Chris’s name popped up on my phone. I would shout “Pup-date”, and the family would come running with excitement.


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