It’s a phase that all soon to be dog owners go through, either you’re Planning To Collect a New Puppy. You are in the process of looking for a new puppy, or you may be getting an older dog from a shelter or for any other reason. Whatever the case, there are a few essentials that you will need, depending on your requirements.

There will never be a one cap fits all approach to keeping a dog, but most people will need similar products. So in this post, we’ll share the essentials that we shopped for and why. We hope you find this post helpful.


If you have any tips or ideas for our doggy community, please head over to the comments section and share the love, but keep it positive and respectful ✊.

1. It’s Feeding Time

So this is the first thing Lisa, and I discussed and also researched, speaking with Chris, the breeder that we purchased Keiko from. Along with my nephew, who knows his stuff when it comes to dogs as he’s a hobby breeder. Coupled with other information outlets such as YouTube.

Initially, we were stuck on what kind of food we should feed our dog. She was being fed a raw complete diet or BARF (Biological Appropriate Raw Food) diet, which is deemed the best choice for dogs as it is natural and has all of the nutrients a dog needs. Although nothing is ever perfect, it is deemed to be a better option than dried food.

I had originally had my heart set on Royal Canin, a popular dried food brand for dogs. But after looking into the health benefits of Raw and finding a great pet shop close by that stocked it, we made that decision quite easily. The pet shop owners also supported the raw food diet as the best option. What we feed our dogs is vital to their overall health and well-being, so getting it right is important.

The feeding bowl we went for was designed to stop dogs from feeding too fast; in time, I’ll raise the bowl’s height as Keiko grows, so she is not hunched over when feeding.

Please do your research and find something that works for your dog. Of course, there will be foods that your dog doesn’t take to, but generally speaking, we have tried to stick to a natural diet that includes natural treats.

In general, she seems to love all flavours. we go for the 80-10-10 mix, 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% hovel. Her stool is mainly solid, well-formed and she doesn’t seem to have the runs, which is a thumbs up in our books.

Do your research, speak with your vet and local pet shop. Your dog’s diet is of paramount importance if you want to raise a happy and healthy pet, so don’t cut corners.

2. Training

Training starts the second you collect your dog, so have treats on hand. Dogs respond well to food, and they’ll bend to your will when tasty treats are involved 🍕. So use it to your advantage and teach your dog to form a healthy, happy association with food.

It’s important to train your dog from a young age, to remove destructive behaviours as they arise. Some things seem cute, like your dog getting excited when they see you and jumping up to show affection, but that’s not cute or cool. Especially when they’re older, covered in mud then decide to share the love by jumping all over you or even worst, a stranger 👗 in their Sunday best 🌟

We purchased the following items to use in conjunction with our training and also to familiarise our pooch with the things she’ll be exposed to on a daily basis. These everyday items are listed under training because some of these things are what we actually use to help with training.

All of the above are standard must-haves, but all of them are used to train or familiarise your doggy with a new experience 🐾.

3. Sleep Tight

If you get this right in the early stages, you are laughing. Dogs are like babies so getting their nighttime routine down is a huge win. Next, we purchased a crate, more so to provide a haven for our doggy, a place for her to be safe and snug. Getting her to use it took a little work, but things are going great. Keiko is doing well; check out my post, Keiko’s first week at home for more information on how we got our little puppy crate trained.

So along with her crate, you’ll need some really comfy bedding. We didn’t create a space for her to pee or poo simply because that’s not the behaviour we are supporting in her crate haven. Make it plush and comfy with suitable toys such as rubber teething toys rather than fluffy, cuddly ones, which your pup could bite open and choke on the filling. The breeders Chris and his partner also provided a lovely little blanket with the scent of her mummy and siblings, which also lives in the crate. Note:- we call it a crate, not a cage; it is there to keep your dog safe and snug, not for punishment!!!


4. Playtime

Toys toys toys, give your new little explorer many reasons not to chew your chairs, carpet, shoes, coffee table cushions!!!! Honestly, puppies are super cute and quick, so make sure you have enough toys to distract them and keep them entertained. Try sensory toys like Licky Mat’s with frozen bananas and other natural yummy flavours. Another winner is the Kong Toy stuffed with raw food, dry food or any other treats, this also stimulates the dog providing a great experience.

They will be inquisitive and go for everything they shouldn’t, which is absolutely fine; they’re puppies. It’s up to you as the owner not to leave them unattended, and if you do make the area safe, either create a playpen with plenty of toys available or work on your crate training and leave them in there (only for concise periods when you are not in the room to supervise). Just be mindful you should always limit the time your dog stays in a crate unless, of course, it’s bedtime 🛏️

5. Travel

Now you will need to get your dog used to your car (if you drive/own one). In the UK 🇬🇧 “YOU MUST HAVE YOUR DOG FASTEN IN”, failure to do so could result in a fine and put your family including new doggy at risk. We purchased a seat belt harness and seat belt connector. Easy peasy and safe, we also take Keiko out in the car to ensure she is used to it in preparation for those imminent family camping trips ⛺ So please implement these things at the puppy stage,, so they become the norm and trust me at least for our baby she loves going out for a ride 🚙. Just make sure they are comfy, and line the seating area with a puppy pad coupled with plastic sheeting or a simple black bin bag just as an extra measure to protect your seats in the event of any accidents.

The things listed in this post are pretty standard but I hope that a simple list of items with some explanation as to why they should be considered will be useful. Some of these items we have found to be must haves when it came to integrating our puppy and precious little family member into her new home 🏡.

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